It'll Be Pints of Champagne for Everyone on Brexit Day

By Gary Cutlack on at

One English winemaker is already planning for the Brexit celebrations and/or sorrows-drownings, by bottling up its rough approximation of champagne in pint bottles. Because Winston Churchill said so.

Sussex producer Rathfinny has already been preparing pint-sized bottles of its premium fizzy wine, which it hopes will be all the rage with people once we've exited the EU and can get back to drinking legacy quantities of alcohol, rather than having to make do with two 330ml cans.

They're backed by no less an authority on Europe and alcohol than Winston Churchill, who favoured consuming champagne by the pint bottle, as apparently that's enough for two people at lunch time and one person at dinner time. And his wife wasn't keen on him having a full size bottle all to himself.

Rathfinny's owner Mark Driver said: "It is such a perfect size -- you get four proper glasses, as opposed to six from a full bottle, which is often too much for a couple, and only three from a half bottle, which is very unsatisfactory. The great thing about the ‘Sussex Pint’ as we’re calling it, is that it can ferment in this sized bottle, something you can’t do with a half bottle so the quality is maintained." [The Times]

Image credit: Unsplash

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