It's OK, They're Putting Some Grass Over the Stonehenge Tunnel

By Gary Cutlack on at

Highways England has shown its first design illustration of how the massive tunnel underneath the fringes of the Stonehenge site may look, with the consultation attempting to appease anti-roads protesters by making the possible tunnels, cuttings and intersections look all lovely and green.

The latest plan for the 1.8-mile tunnel is slightly longer than the first dig proposed when the initial idea to modernise the A303 to Cornish Holiday Land was floated, with Highways England saying burying the cars in such a manner will help to "restore the tranquil environment" around the monument up at surface level.

There's a canopy covering part of the entrance on the western side now too, which the road builder says has been put in thanks to the result of a public consultation; and now there's a new consultation running over this version of the plan so no one can say they weren't thoroughly consulted. [Highways England via Guardian]