KFC Ad Admits it FCK-ed Up

By Gary Cutlack on at

While men with forklift trucks dump rotting chicken into the sea* as people in the suburbs starve** in dystopian 2018 UK, the office-based part of the KFC corporation is using the chicken crisis to its advantage by putting out a jolly old ironic advertisement in the newspapers.

The advert is presented as an apology, only someone clever in KFC's advertising agency Mother London  had the idea of changing KFC to FCK so it looks a bit like a popular swear word is being used to describe the situation, like what FCUK did to the more easily shockable people of the 1990s. Here it is, as seen in The Sun and Metro today:

So well done brave franchisees, you've been working very FCK-ing hard. Or not, seeing as you're closed. [It's Nice That via Twitter]