KFC Closes Branches Due to Chicken/Road Problems

By Gary Cutlack on at

Several UK branches of white meat specialist KFC are currently closed, after distribution problems to do with getting lorry loads of chicken about the country on time led to the chain and its franchisees literally running out of meat to sell.

KFC says the problem arose because it switched distributor, with box-chucker DHL now managing the national meat network in place of former supply manager Bidvest. KFC is attempting to make light of the crisis saying that supplying meat to around 900 premises is a "pretty complex!" task don't you know and have you even tried to do it?, warning that as well as closures some branches might be running limited menus — chips and biscuits? — or working to reduced opening hours to avoid disappointing people who like their dinner to come in cardboard buckets they can put their heads in to eat like horses so there's no washing up.

The chain is trying to turn this into positive publicity by running a feelgood list of stores that are currently open instead of a more useful but damning list of ones that are closed, so if your favourite isn't on the happy-open-list it might have to be something else for tea tonight, like a kebab and a can of Special Brew and a £1 Twix for pudding from the alternative supplier three doors down. [BBC]