KFC Suppliers Ironically Showered With Cheap, Plentiful Chicken

By Gary Cutlack on at

So that KFC chicken crisis is still ongoing, which all sounds a bit weird to people who live in the countryside and only eat whatever's in the fridge for dinner. For the employees of one KFC supplier what's most likely to be in their fridges right now is chicken, and masses of it. Because it's being dumped off at a loss.

Staff at a Lincolnshire factory owned by Moy Park that supplies KFC have apparently been offered masses of chicken in bulk at sensational prices, thanks to KFC's supply problems resulting in a planned delivery of 20,000 pieces of chicken in 179 crates being returned to base. Hence the factory is selling off bargain buckets of raw chicken to staff at just £1 a time for nine indistinct lumps of the meat.

Obviously they'll then have to take it home and look up something on YouTube about how to cook chicken, but still. They're doing well out of KFC's problems, as long as working in a chicken processing factory hasn't put them off eating the stuff for life.

KFC says it's not uncommon for surpluses to be returned to processors like this, although in this case it's unusually baffling as he chain still has plenty of outlets closed around the country due to meat delivery woes. [Independent]