Kids Not Allowed to Drive are Being Banned From Driving

By Gary Cutlack on at

Analysis of the number of driving bans handed out in the UK last year has revealed that a huge number of kids are getting caught behind the wheels of cars, then finding themselves banned from doing something they're not supposed to be doing anyway.

The BBC's Freedom of Information numbers obtained from the DVLA show that 1,024 kids aged 16 and under were banned from driving by the courts last year, with a mind-boggling 33 cases of children aged 13 or under having their licenses that don't even exist yet taken away from them. That batch of 33 bad boys even includes some 12-year-olds, with the BBC interviewing one such delinquent who claims that gangs of kids often club together some cash then convince an adult to buy an old banger for them.

Only 696 cases of under-16s being caught driving were reported in 2014, so either it's getting more popular or the police are looking out more closely for people using the booster seat in the driver's spot. [BBC]