Knob Manufacturer Triggers Crisis for Knob-Throwing Event

By Gary Cutlack on at

A local knob throwing event is not going to take place this year, after the sole manufacturer of the knobs used decided not to supply the usual mountain of knobs.

A knob, of course, is one of the UK's many proud regional terms for a bread roll, with this particular roll only manufactured in Dorset by baking specialist Moores Biscuits. Now, given that Moores has been supplying the event with literally thousands of knobs to be abused for the last decade, you can understand its reluctance to stay involved.

Sadly, this means the Dorset Knob Throwing and Frome Valley Food Festival has been cancelled this year, so locals will not be able to play the extremely odd regional game of "pin the knob on the Cerne Abbas giant" or the knob and spoon race. Nor will the local men be able to compare knob handling skills in the annual knob throwing competition or putt their knobs.

A spokesperson for the organising committee said: "We own the rights to the festival name but we really do feel Dorset Knobs belong to Moores and we wouldn’t want to progress without their blessing. Without Moores on side, we don’t feel we can really do it. Moores has always provided the biscuits so we have decided we are going to spend this year mending bridges and hopefully it will be resurrected in 2019 at Kingston Maurward." [Dorset Echo]

Image credit: Dorset Knob Throwing

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