Land Rover Charges £6,230 for Recycled Bottle Seat Covers

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Venn diagram that shows people who own high-end Land Rovers and people who care about their impact on environment is pretty low on space in the middle intersection of the seemingly disparate circles, but for those fortunate few there's a new, massively expensive conscience-easer on sale -- recycled plastic seat covers. For your Range Rover. For an extra six grand.

Land Rover's selling the Kvadrat upholstery option as a supposedly even posher alternative to the leather finishes it offers, because, as well as using the recycled content of around 23 plastic bottles, it supposedly results in a grippier finish that's less slidey-abouty than leather, resulting in the driver's bottom being caressed and held tighter in the seating than ever before.

Choosing this option adds £6,230 to the list price of the Range Rover Velar, with in-house designer Amy Frascella saying: "We’re redefining automotive luxury. People want brands to reflect their own personal values so they are driving a move towards more sustainable materials and options than leather." [Standard]