Live Rat Found in Packet of Aldi Plums

By Kim Snaith on at

Imagine finding a live rat scurrying among your fruit and veg. Eugh. Well, one Aldi-shopping couple didn't have to imagine it as they experienced it first-hand: they found a live rat crawling around in a seal packet of plums.

Salma Riaz purchased her 75p packet of fruit from Aldi's Rochdale branch, thinking she'd have a nice and healthy juicy treat. The rat obviously wasn't spotted until she got home though - when late into the night she heard a rummaging noise coming from the vicinity of her fruit bowl.

No-one is sure how the rat got into the plums, and even more baffling is how it managed to stay alive — the plums are apparently stored at minus temperatures during their transit, so seemingly this wee rodent has undergone some kind of cryogenesis.

A spokesperson for Aldi has been unable to offer any explanation, but confirmed that a thorough investigation has been carried out in the warehouse and store, and no issues have been found.

It's quite a bargain for 75p though — rats are much more expensive in Pets at Home, and they don't come with free plums. [Metro]