London Plans £6m Secret Bus Driver Toilet Network

By Gary Cutlack on at

London's mayor has brought to light a problem we didn't know existed: the how and where of bus drivers going to the toilet. We always assumed they held it in until they got back to the depot and were perhaps trained in advanced muscle control and peristaltic wave interruption, but apparently not.

It's such an issue that the mayor has pledged £6m to solve the problem of drivers on long routes needing toilets, money that'll be spent on permanent loos along 40 of the longest routes, bringing places to go to stretches where there might only be somewhere with limited opening times at the moment.

Currently, many routes have  casual agreements with shops and cafes along the way to let drivers in, although surely if you're the owner of a boutique coffee shop the last thing you need is a bus driver doing a poo in the unisex cubicle that opens out into the main room. Hence the installation of 40 permanent toilets at the end of each of the 40 longest routes, so drivers don't have to find a quiet doorway or improvise around the back of the bus on the tyres.

Poor old Sadiq Khan had to write some words to go in a press release about bus driver toilet needs, saying: "These men and women work hard keeping London moving at all hours so it’s vital that they are given the dignity of having access to a rest stop when they need it. I’ve worked hard to ensure that our 25,000 bus drivers are given a fair pay deal, and am now pleased that we can deliver another real improvement for the day-to-day working conditions." [Mayor]