Look the Part and Sound the Part With Urbanears' Plattan 2 Bluetooth Headphones

By Gizmodo UK on at

When it comes to a great pair of headphones, sound isn’t the only thing that matters these days. How they look is important, too. Gone are the days of wearing discreet in-ear headphones; instead we want bigger and better sounds - and with that comes a bigger and better headset. Not all have to be bulky and unsightly though. Take Urbanears’ latest pair of headphones, the Plattan 2 Bluetooth – a perfect balance between brilliant sound and ingenious design.

Available in five statement colours – tomato, indigo, grey, black and white – the Plattan 2 Bluetooth is Urbanears’ signature bluetooth headset. No wires means a tidy, eye-catching appearance. Rather than being an extension of your phone or MP3 player, these headphones are designed to be an extension of you and your style. They’re just big enough to sit comfortably over your ears – an ergonomic ‘EarClick’ design ensures they stay in place – but not too big that they’ll overshadow your flair.

In fact, Urbanears’ emphasis on fashion is best displayed in its marketing campaign made in collaboration with fashion designer Sandra Backlund. The design of the headphones was perfected with the Plattan, with one key difference: that headset was wired. To celebrate the freedom of wireless technology, Urbanears teamed up with Backlund on its campaign entitled “Cut the Cord”. In a rather literal demonstration of cord-cutting, Backlund was given 4,500 metres of the iconic textile-wrapped cord that powered the Plattan headphones and transformed it into five pieces of wearable fashion.

Of course, looking good is great and all, but there’s no point in a stylish pair of headphones if they don’t sound the part as well. The Plattan 2 Bluetooth certainly does – it offers a full spectrum of sound and a wide-frequency response, leading to deep and natural tones. The best kind. The technology’s cutting-edge, too. For a sub-£100 pair of headphones, you get a lot of attention to detail. The foldable design, for example, means that your music can go anywhere with you without taking up too much space. The handy control knob means you can adjust volume, skip tracks and even answer incoming calls without ever needing to pull out your phone. There’s even a ‘zoundplug’ – a little plug that allows you to plug in a second pair of headphones to share your tunes with your friends.

Most importantly though, is of course that ‘cut the cord’ technology. The freedom of bluetooth lets you listen to music completely liberated – bop that head without fear of tugging on a cable! The Plattan 2 Bluetooth lasts up to 30 hours on a single charge – that’s a hell of a lot of music. With a pretty impressive 10 metre range, too, it makes them ideal headphones to wander around the house in when your phone might not always be stuck in your pocket.

Why settle for a boring, plain old pair of headphones that say nothing about you when you can express yourself with a bold statement? A high fashion accessory that comes with built-in bluetooth for us to listen to all our music on is something we all need in our lives, right? And for just £85, being fashionable doesn’t have to cost the earth, either. For that price, I find myself wondering what the catch is, but as the Plattan 2’s slogan itself says, ‘no strings attached’.

To find out out about the Plattan 2 Bluetooth headphones, visit Urbanears' official website.