Man Sues Lucasfilm for Cancelling Vader Film Celebration

By Gary Cutlack on at

There's a man out there who makes a living filming fan celebration events and live-streaming them to cinemas, and back in 2015 he thought he was on to a blockbuster in securing an interview with Darth Vader torso provider Dave Prowse right before the release of The Force Awakens -- only to have Lucasfilm intervene and ban filming at the last minute.

Hence the man, Marc John, is suing Lucasfilm for the sum of £1.35m, which he claims is what his share of the estimated £3m in takings the screening event could've taken might have been.

John says the plan was to broadcast a live Q&A session with Prowse in December 2015, before Lucasfilm's lawyers contacted the organiser of the fan event Prowse was speaking at and asked for filming to be banned. This was to protect the imminent release of The Force Awakens, Lucasfilm's people say, as maybe one or two extremely confused folk might have mistaken one for the other and left the cinema disappointed that The Force Awakens consisted entirely of footage of an old man talking about wearing a costume 40 years ago.

Lucasfilm says the £1.35m figure is a massive overestimate as poor old uncostumed Dave Prowse is perhaps not box office gold these days, adding that John's claim is at best a shot at winning a settlement for his "speculative" complaint. [BBC]