McDonald's Laughs at Your Coffee Choices

By Gary Cutlack on at

McDonald's is laughing at food choices again, which is a bit rich for a company that's key product is not too far removed from drinking warm lard out of a bucket, but here we are. Its latest UK advert celebrates the addition of the Flat White coffee to its range of hot drinks, and it's selling this to the nation by... laughing at it?

The advert's onion-like layers of irony contain a series of characters all A Bit Like Tim From The Office, people who look around them in amazement at the complexity and pretentiousness of the modern coffee shop scene they want no part of, then, for some reason, order a complicated form of coffee they don't really understand from... a burger chain?

The subtext is probably that complicated forms of coffee can now be had alongside your burger, even though a milkshake is a much more naturally complementary beverage. [YouTube]