McDonald's Thinks Maybe it's the Cheese?

By Gary Cutlack on at

The US division of McDonald's appears to have had some sort of public health related breakthrough, and is pushing forward with a plan to remove cheeseburgers from its Happy Meal menu because, perhaps, the cheese is the main problem.

The meat and bread and fries part of the suggested menu survive the cut, though, so presumably its doctors gave that lot the stamp of approval for serving at depressing children's birthday parties. Children of the near future might be saddened by the number of fries they get with their meals, though, as that's set to be cut in an attempt to sell the company's food as being marginally healthier and less mightily calorific than it is today, by aiming to offer more menu choices with fewer than 600 calories by the year 2022.

Bottled water will also be added to the Happy Meal menu board of shame in the US, although good luck convincing any child to actually make that choice unless under threat of having their iPad taken away if they don't. [Reuters]