Monday's the Day We'll Finally Get to See the Trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story

By Tom Pritchard on at

it's fair to say that the production for the upcoming Han Solo solo film, Solo, has been a little bit rough. That tends to happen when the directors get replace halfway through production. It's had a lot of people worried, and those same people have been even worried about the fact we haven't seen much about the film - particularly where trailers are concerned.

The good news is that the trailer is coming, and word is it'll arrive on Monday during the broadcast of ABC's Good Morning America.

The listing mentioning the trailer has since been removed, but as you can see above someone managed to get a screenshot to show the world what was happening.

The fact that we haven't really seen anything about Solo has had a lot of people worried. Worried that the film won't be good and that Disney is deliberately keeping the trailer away from us because of it. When you think about it, though, there's no real reason why Disney would have released it yet. The Last Jedi is still playing in cinemas, and releasing a trailer for a new Star Wars film so close to the release of another one doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

The fact is we've never had two Star Wars films released in such close proximity, and while it would have been nice to see the trailer attached to Episode 8 you can't fault Disney for not wanting to split fans' attention. It's similar to the reason why Disney-owned Marvel didn't release the trailer for Avengers: Infinity War until Thor: Ragnarok had been out for a while.

Coincidentally Infinity War's trailer also debuted during Good Morning America, so it seems Disney is fond of that little bit of corporate synergy.

It had previously been rumoured that the trailer would drop during Sunday's Super Bowl, though that always seemed unlikely. A proper trailer needs a good 2-3 minutes of air time, and Super Bowl advertising time comes with hefty price tags attached. So the most we'll likely see is one of those irritating trailers for trailers that do little more than try to build hype.

Good Morning America is set to air between 7 and 9am Eastern US time, which is 12-2pm over here. If it's anything like the trailer the Infinity War trailer, we'll likely see the first proper footage of Solo in that second hour.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is set to hit UK cinemas on 25th May. [Screenrant]

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