MPs Vote to Leave Parliament for Refurb Works

By Gary Cutlack on at

After years of wrangling over what to do about fixing up the Palace of Westminster and all of its damp patches, wonky staircases and assorted legacy fire hazards, a decision has been made. The government will move out so the place can be renovated in a slightly easier fashion.

This is what's known as the "full decant" option favoured by some, with others feeling that moving the government out of its accustomed place is a mistake. MPs have voted for the decant, though, with this supposedly the cheapest way of doing things -- if refitting an old building for an estimated £3.9bn can be said to be cheap. A new debating chamber that could be built within nearby Richmond House is the current favourite place for nobs to head off to when the builders move in.

The earliest date MPs could move out is 2025, so that leaves another seven years for the building to survive in its present, asbestos-riddled, steam-heated, permanently-at-risk-of-catching-on-fire state. [BBC]