MWC 2018: Intel's Only Gone and Made a 5G Laptop

By Tom Pritchard on at

5G is one of the big themes at MWC this year, with companies trying to flog hardware, infrastructure, and concepts to take advantage of the next generation of mobile signal. Intel is no different, and amongst the many 5G-related things it has on show is something fairly cool: a 5G laptop concept.

It's a 2-in-1 tablet PC, with a pretty hefty stand that stores the radio and 5G antennae in the flap. Those antennae were connected to a local waystation pumping out a 28GHz signal that was being utilised to stream 4K video content. According to Intel it can handle up to eight carriers and 6 Gbps, though during the show the laptop was only connected to a single carrier pulling in 100 Mbps. It's also not a 5G-exclusive device, so it can still pull in signal from Wi-Fi networks if it really needed to.

This is a concept so it's not designed to go on sale until, well, ever, but it is a fully functional laptop that pulls all of its internet data from the 5G waystation. It's designed to show that 5G can be used to connect our devices, with the commercial tech making its way into third-party manufacturers sometime next year. After that it's up to the manufacturers to use the tech and create some commercial products.

So it's not the kind of thing you can expect to go out and buy for at least a couple of years, and even then it'll be cutting edge tech that comes with the appropriate price tag. Still it's nice to see what the future might bring, and while 5G seems to be focussing on business and enterprise for the time being it's good to see that the consumers won't be forgotten.