MWC 2018: Nokia Brings Back The 8110 - The Matrix Phone

By James O Malley on at

Wowzer, who saw this coming? Following hot on the heels of the wild success of the new Nokia 3310 last year, HMD, which holds the license to make phones using the Nokia name, has today announced a reboot 8110 - which is perhaps better recognised as mobile phone from the Matrix. You know - the one with the keypad cover that slides down at the press of a button.

(Nerd note: the 8110 wasn't exactly the same as the one in the film, which wasn't a real device - but was close enough and was marketed as such.)

The new 4G version is basically a feature phone, so won't be losing Apple or Samsung any sleep, but it does have some interesting features: You can turn it into a wifi hotspot (so could be treated as basically a portable modem). Even more amazingly, it will apparently feature not just Google Maps, but the Google Assistant too.

Spec-wise, it has a built in 2MP camera on the rear, a 2.4" QVGA display, 4GB of on board storage and a 17 day battery life (!), with 9 hours of talk time. Unlike last year's 3310 remake, this version also features wifi. But you should probably still stick to using your proper smartphone anyway.

The phone will be available in May in either black or banana yellow (what, no dark green?) for €79, which is around £70 thanks to Britain's poor decision making a couple of years ago.

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