Northerner Blags Shakespeare Job

By Gary Cutlack on at

Famous northerner Christopher Eccleston has landed himself a decent job down south, but he had to go and bloody make the poshos give it to him.

He's to play Macbeth in the latest production of the classic to be assembled at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Shakespearean hotbed Stratford Upon Avon, but not because he was asked. Eccleston told the BBC that he had to apply for the job via a formal letter, as there's a perception in the theatre world that people what talk like what he talks like mate can't or perhaps shouldn't be doing the classics.

Speaking about his lack of board-treading roles, Eccleston said: "I should have been offered more but I didn't go the right university or the public schools. It needs to change," adding that the theatre world is riven with discrimination that means only white men with posh accents like people from Hemel Hempstead have are asked to get up on stage and play the key classical characters.

"I've had a passionate love of Shakespeare since I was 17, but in a way, it's like the love that dare not mention its name," he said, probably in a northern accent, although the BBC didn't type it up that way. [BBC]

Image credit: Wikipedia