Of Course Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is Getting Lego Sets Too

By Tom Pritchard on at

All of the attention focused on Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom might be about that very intriguing Super Bowl spot, but over the weekend there was some other news that you lot might be interested in. Lego's had the Jurassic Park license since the release of Jurassic World, so it makes sense that the sequel is getting some sets as well.

Three sets have been announced, one for small children, another for even smaller children, and a regular one with a helicopter. Take a look:

For the big kids there's 'Blue's Helicopter Pursuit' which features a weapon-filled helicopter, the colourful raptor herself, Chris Pratt, two soldiers, and some sort of trap. Then there's the 'T-Rex Breakout' designed to b easy to build for younger kids, featuring the T-Rex, the Jurassic World wooden door,  mini car, a baby T-Rex and egg, Claire, and what seems to be that nerdy-looking guy from the trailer. Finally is the Duplo set for small kids featuring a T-Rex, Owen, a car, and some sort of control tower.

Those three sets arrive in April, and will presumably be the first wave of sets that will be released. If this small cutout (via PromoBricks) is to be believed, there are at least four more proper sets featuring a flying dinosaur, what seems to be the villainous creature in the lava room, an another raptor-like creature, and at least one more baby dinosaur.

It seems Lego also wants you to buy all the sets so you can mix and match, creating your own custom dinosaurs in the process. Judging on the Super Bowl teaser, it looks as though genetically engineered dinos are going to play a significant part in the film. If that's the case this is a nice little tie-in.

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