One London Home Enjoys 10 Gigabit Connection

By Gary Cutlack on at

The home of one man who probably has some professional or personal links to ISP Hyperoptic is currently the fastest-connected studio flat in the UK, thanks to the fibre-only ISP somehow getting a computer to talk to the internet at the speed of 10 gigabits per second.

The necessary wiring was installed at a home within the Olympic village site in East London, with Hyperoptic saying this is the first time such speeds have been achieved using a standard domestic ISP network and no custom hardware, so presumably if a super-rich homeowner in the area would like a similar 10Gbps connection all they have to do is ask and arrange an engineer appointment.

Hyperoptic thinks there might be some need for these sorts of speeds in a future when everyone in the house is streaming 4K wildlife videos to their VR headsets, explaining: "We have carried out this trial to push the limits in terms of what's possible for residential broadband. It wasn't long ago that people asked if 100Mbps connections are necessary. However, as we've seen with the advent of 4K media services, gaming and a dramatic proliferation of multiple connected devices in the home, it has fast become the minimum many consumers demand." [BBC]

Image credit: Wikipedia