One Person's Trash Is Another's Fantastic Star Wars Art Exhibit

By Beth Elderkin on at

Man, I feel so guilty for recycling my old books of construction paper. I could’ve been using them to make art. Just kidding, I’d have to actually be an artist to accomplish these feats of shadowed wonder.

The Anchorage Museum in Alaska is currently featuring an exhibit called The Art of Fandom, filled with works inspired by some of fandom’s coolest movies and shows. The international collection features artists like Sebastian Masuda, Cliff Wright, and Marco d’Alfonso, with works based on Wonder Woman, The Lord of the Rings, classic anime, and a lot more. According to the website, the exhibition is designed to look at “the things people like in our mass and global culture through collectables, contemporary art and design, fan art, and fandom sub-culture.”

One of the standouts in the collection comes from artist “Red” Hong Yi, who creates artwork from everyday materials like seeds, chopsticks, ceramics, and, yes, even paper. Photographed by Gizmodo’s own Mike Damanskis, Red’s artwork uses objects and shadows to build iconic Star Wars characters. It’s not just art, it’s science. Take a look!

The shadow of Darth Vader looms.
Photo: Mike Damanskis

Chewie looks so light and fluffy!
Photo: Mike Damanskis

It’s fitting to use motherboard pieces to construct an R2 unit.
Photo: Mike Damanskis

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