Outrage as Cadbury Social Media Intern* Declares Creme Eggs are Actually called "Crem Eggs"

By Tom Pritchard on at

You know those little eggs Cadbury releases for Easter, with the blob of diabetes in the middle? Apparently everyone, including Cadbruy itself, has been pronouncing the name incorrectly. According to a now-deleted tweet on Cadbury's Twitter page, they're not called 'cream eggs', they're called 'Crem eggs'. You know, like the French would say.

But if you're a stickler for the correct grammar, even in foreign languages, you'll remember than the French word crème has a little grave accent over the first E - which changes the pronunciation. Those accents have a tendency to get lost when the words are brought over the English, and cliché is a good example of how even spell check thinks the way I just wrote it is incorrect. Well spell check can go to hell, as can anyone who insists they're Crem Eggs. And they can take their moustache wax and organic quinoa salad with them.

The internet was, quite rightly, outraged at the prospect that Cadbury was getting pretentious about the pronunciation, especially since past adverts consistently called them cream eggs. It turns out, however, that we were all fussing over nothing. Cadbury claims that whoever was writing up the tweet missed the A in cream. Either that or someone realised people weren't going to accept the news, like how they forced Kelloggs to ditch the name "Choco Krispies" and bring back good old Coco Pops


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