Pancake Day: This Mathematical Formula Will Help You Make Perfect Pancakes

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

This article was originally posted on 9th February 2016.

Like many of you, I’m sure, I’ve only just realised that today happens to be pancake day, and I’m really happy now. As if the thought of fried-batter-flipping-family-fun and a sweet, delicious indulgence aren’t enough to get your juices flowing, a group of students from the University of Sheffield have added mathematics to the, ahem, equation, and claim to have developed a fool-proof formula for making perfect pancakes. Hold on to your handles:

BOOM. How do you like that, eh? The university's Maths Society teamed up with Meadowhall Shopping Centre for the food-themed fun, and the numbers have apparently been tested by chefs at the local Frankie and Benny's, despite the fact the chain favours American-style pancakes, and the formula is based on this Delia Smith recipe.

There's even an interactive pancake ingredients calculator, which you can use by following this link. [University of Sheffield]