PG Tips Removes Plastic Endoskeletons From Bags for Guilt-Free Tea

By Gary Cutlack on at

Joining the Co-op in raging against tiny amounts of polypropylene in our tea bags is PG Tips, which is about to launch a 100 per cent, fully biodegradable tea bag in the UK. Cheers, Sir Attenborough.

A quick summary for you all: Plastic is bad. It gets in the sea. Things eat it, them other things eat those things, then we might eat those things and it all goes wrong, as we activate The Great Filter and poison ourselves out of existence just as we're on the cusp of intergalactic travel. And innocent little tea bags, which seem all papery and organic, aren't as good for the planet as they seem, because they're mostly glued together with a polypropylene sealant that leaves miniature plastic skeletons in the ground once the paper and leaves have rotted.

Hence PG Tips sees money in marketing its bags as being 100 per cent organic, with a new range of pyramid tea bags about to launch next week that are made from an alternative plant-based material that holds together no matter how aggressively you squeeze your little bag. Unilever, owner of the famed tea brand, says all of its various bags should be made this way by the end of 2018. [Guardian]

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