Pizza Express Offers a Trumpet Solo With That

By Gary Cutlack on at

Pizza Express, the place that does food of a sort, is trying to become Pizza Express, the place that does food and is a home for live music, as it tries to convince humanity that hiding at home on the internet and having a man bring you everything to eat in a carton is not the only way to live.

50 of the chain's eateries are to be altered this year to set aside space for live music, after a series of one-off trials involving artists as disparate as Gary Kemp and Goldie convinced bosses there's potential for a business that lets you eat a pizza or a posh folded-in-half pizza while someone sings songs about gold and/or inner city pressure.

It's about staying differentiated from the rest, Pizza Express's boss Zoe Bowley thinks, claiming that this sort of weird innovation might keep the dining out experience alive, even though eating a pizza off your own chest while looking at your telephone may well be more comfortable, cheaper, and you don't even have to put on trousers. [Guardian]