Ralph Breaks the Internet, and Explodes a Bunny, in the Debut Sequel Trailer

By Beth Elderkin on at

The first trailer is out for Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 (oh man, we’re going to need an acronym for this one), which takes Ralph out of his retro gaming comfort zone and into the world wide webiverse. But be careful, it’s full of haunting kitten eyes and traumatised toddlers.

In the fun, sadly Disney Princess-less trailer, Ralph and Vanellope are seen heading into the internet to find a spare part to fix an arcade game—thanks to the arcade owners new WiFi (“WeeFee?”) access on his adorably vintage Apple Macintosh. Ralph and Vanellope encounter clickbait articles about child stars-turned-criminals, head to eBay to look at black velvet posters, and invade an app game for kids... traumatising a little girl in the process.

Ralph Breaks the Internet comes out November 21.

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