Salt and Vinegar Crisps Added to List of Very Bad Things

By Gary Cutlack on at

You might think crisps are at least partially good for your teeth thanks to not containing half an acre's worth of high fructose corn syrup, but no. Salt and vinegar ones are bad for your teeth, they say, as the acid levels contribute to the wearing away of your wonky little mouthypegs.

Also added to this new list of things that are bad for us is fruit tea of all things, as these drinks — particularly ones containing lemon — are also highly acidic and can weaken the external coating of teeth, according to the research team at King's College London.

They warn that: "...habitually drinking acidic drinks by sipping them slowly or swishing, rinsing or holding acidic drinks in the mouth prior to swallowing, will also increase risk of progression," although what they're looking at here is the progression of erosion rather than decay -- as in making your teeth softer so they literally wear away while you're grinding them in front of whatever's making you angry on your telephone.

So that's normal milky British tea and cheese and onion crisps for lunch, then. That's what dentists are inadvertently recommending and we're more than happy to go along with that. [Mirror]