Samsung Confirms That Galaxy S Handsets Might Undergo a Rebrand

By Kim Snaith on at

While Samsung has just unveiled the upcoming Galaxy S9 handset, it's looking more and more likely that it'll be the last handset with the "Galaxy S" moniker that we've grown so accustomed to. We reported a rumour that the tech giant was looking to rebrand earlier this month, and South Korean website The Investor has confirmed has suspicions, reporting that the head of Samsung's mobile division, Koh Dong-jin, confirmed that the company is thinking about scrapping the current numbering system for the handsets.

Samsung Galaxy S first launched in 2010, and since then new iterations have rolled out annually, with the latest — the S9 — set to launch imminently. It looks like we'll probably not see an S10, but the company has confirmed that the 'Galaxy' part of the branding will remain. When asked in a media conference yesterday, Koh Dong-jin stated "Although Samsung will stick to Galaxy, we have been thinking about whether we need to maintain the S moniker or the numbering system."

Of course, it's not confirmation that a new name is definite, but it at least confirms that Samsung is considering new ideas. Maybe it'll reboot the range, starting again with a simple "Samsung Galaxy", or maybe it'll go the way of Apple and launch a Galaxy X. Only time will tell, but let's at least get the S9 out of the way first before we start speculating on the next release. [The Investor via UberGizmo]