Samsung Galaxy S9: Alleged Reddit Leak Reiterates The Most Persistent Rumours

By James O Malley on at

We're now only a couple of weeks away from what is expected to be Samsung's reveal of the Galaxy S9 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and as such, we're drowning in rumours.

The latest ambiguously credible dispatch comes from BGR, which reports on a thread on Reddit, in which one user claimed to have had a 20 minute hands on with the new phone. Over the course of 75 posts, mostly telling us things we already think we know, they also reiterated some of the most recent rumours about the phone's functionality - making us think that there might be something to them.

First up is the addition of stereo speakers - one in the earpiece, and one on the bottom of phone, which the Redditor said would be a "major improvement" over the monotone S8. Secondly the camera, which is apparently "dramatically improved" according to BGR's telling of his since-deleted posts. Apparently 4K video will be supported at even higher framerates. Though sadly, it doesn't look like the camera will be able to shoot at 1000fps slow-mo.

Perhaps most significantly is more detail on what Samsung is calling "3D emoji", which everyone is assuming will work similarly to Apple's "Animoji" on the iPhone X. "They’re not a direct ripoff of animoji, more like a mix between animoji and bitmoji", the Redditor apparently wrote, adding that:

“You create an avatar, and can control its facial features, similar to an animoji. IMO it looks less polished than ‘apple’s version.’ They are similar but different things. If they’re worth the hype or not is another question. Personally I don’t care at all about apple’s animoji, and I also don’t care about samsung’s avatar-thingys.”

So if this pans out, we can only pray that it doesn't make our Facebook news feeds as horrific as the week when bitmoji took off.

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