Samsung Galaxy S9 Could Launch Alongside Uhssp, a New Location-Based Social Network

By Tom Pritchard on at

Despite all the talk about the Samsung Galaxy S9, not much thought has been given to the news that the company has its own social network on the way. We've heard it's happening, but that's about it. Well that might be changing, because now the Galaxy S9 leaks are drying up we're starting to hear more about Uhssp.

No I don't know how to pronounce that, nor do I know what it means, but a new report from the Korean Herald claims to have some information. Apparently Uhssp should be launching alongside the new flagship device this Sunday, and is designed to be a service for sharing your GPS location in real time. Since it also lets users comment on each other's location and offers instant messaging, it sounds an awful lot like Foursquare and Facebook's 'Check-in' feature.

We'll have to wait and see how Samsung hopes to differentiate the service from the competition, seeing as how there are already established services that let people do all of those things. People aren't likely to sign up for something new if it doesn't offer anything interesting, and forcing them to install it on their phones when there are better alternatives isn't going to do anything except piss them off (I'm looking at you, Samsung Pay).

The report doesn't really go into much detail, but considering we've heard next to nothing about Uhssp before it's still fairly enlightening. Provided, of course, that the information is accurate. It could be complete nonsense for all we know, and we won't find out for sure until Sunday.

But the launch of a Samsung phone needs some sort of silly gimmick people won't use. Last year we had Bixby, and this year there's Uhssp. Let's just hope Samsung actually makes the social network more widely available, and with support for English language users. [Korean Herald via Ubergizmo]

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