Sheeran Wants to Sheeran-ise Eurovision Next

By Gary Cutlack on at

Ed Sheeran has noticed somewhere currently mostly free of Ed Sheeran that he thinks might benefit from having an Ed Sheeran injection — Eurovision.

He'd like to write a song for the continental contest, although he's probably a bit too much of a global phenomenon to actually suit up and head out to Belgrade or Sarajevo himself. He'd get someone else to do the singing and plough through the weeks of rehearsals and flag waving in front of monuments, so he can hang around with Rita Ora in Miami airport or whatever it is that he does with himself.

Sheeran outlined his Eurovision lust to the BBC, saying: "I would love to write a Eurovision song. I don't know that I'd ever enter it singing it. But I don't think the rest of Europe wants England to win because of history and stuff."

Would Russia give us any points if Sheeran did an inoffensive song about love and being true yourself and fighting through hurt etc etc? And why do they all hate us anyway? If anything they should be voting for us all the time now, as reparations for not letting Gina G win and forcing Bucks Fizz on us for years. [BBC]