Skipping Greggs for McDonald's Valentine's Menu is Probably the Fastest Way to Get Dumped

By Tom Pritchard on at

Last week came with news that some unlikely places would have their own Valentine's Day meals  for couples who can't get tables at expensive fancy restaurants. Well step aside Greggs and Wetherspoons, because McDonald's is doing the same thing.

In case you haven't been in a McDonald's recently, one of the new gimmicks is table service where you avoid standing in a queue to collect your meal. The Newcastle and Metro Centre branch is taking things a step further, however, with a £20 three course meal for not-so-happy couples.

There's only the one participating restaurant, however, which is such a shame. Not that it really matters, since the menu seems to be comprised of stuff you can get on the regular menu:

So unlike Greggs, which has a special menu set up, McDonald's McValentine's menu is basically just the same as the normal menu. And judging from the announcement video, they expect you to eat it with a knife and fork. I suppose that's one way to keep ketchup off your hands.

If you're in or around Newcastle next Wednesday, and want to see if your partner is willing to tolerate a trip to McDonald's on the most romantic card-buying day of the year (or you need a quick reason to get dumped without being a complete bastard) you can book a table by emailing Remember to choose a dining time, though, with 7pm, 8pm, and 9pm slots available.

If all that sounds appealing, but £20 does not, you can also win a free McValentine's meal to really show off how lucky your partner is to have you. All you have to do is like the page, share this post and hope for the best. there are three tables available (one per time slot) and winners are announced tomorrow. [Facebook via Metro]

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