Sky Movies Celebrates Groundhog Day by Playing Groundhog Day on a Loop

By Tom Pritchard on at

Today is Groundhog Day over in the USA, a day where people watch with anticipation as a rodent decides if it wants to get out of bed or sleep for another six weeks. It's also a film where Bull Murray plays a misanthropic weatherman trapped in a time loop.

Groundhogs don't live in the UK so we obviously don't give a toss about Groundhog Day or its alleged implications on the the upcoming weather. But we do love the film, so that's one thing we can enjoy about this pretend holiday. As it seems to do every year, Sky Movies is celebrating the day by taking a day out of Sky Cinema Comedy channel's usual schedule and playing the film on a loop.

The marathon started at 6am this morning and will continue uninterrupted until 4.45am tomorrow. In that time the film will have played 13 times, giving you plenty of chance to tune in and watch it - provided of course you have some sort of subscription that includes Sky Movies.

You can check out the channel's full schedule here, so you can tune in without missing the beginning.

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