Solo: A Star Wars Story Breakdown: Everything We Spotted in the First Full Trailer

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Last night we saw the first footage of Solo: A Star Wars story, thanks to the Super Bowl, but now Disney has gone and released a brand new full-length trailer showing us what the film has to offer. It's a good minute longer than the initial teaser, but it doesn't repeat a lot of the same footage, believe it or not.

Before we break down the trailer and see what information we can gather, here's the trailer itself:

And now the good stuff:

The trailer starts off with some shots of someone, presumably Han, flicking switches and starting up some sort of vehicle. Presumably the speeder bike we see in the next shot, that was leaked a few weeks back as a Lego set.

Here is the bike in question zooming off into the distance.

Here we have Han's voiceover, informing us that his criminal past stretches quite a long way, since he's been running scams on the street since he was ten. Why he's off doing that isn't clear, but in the old EU Han was an orphan, although back then he ended up as a crewman for a cruel pirate before escaping in his teens. No word on how much of that will carry over, however.

Presumably some will, and some won't.

Here we see the interior of the speeder, with Han and Kira (Emilia Clarke. It's not clear what the spelling of Kira's name is, since the leaked Lego sets say Qi'ra. My guess is that this scene is at some point in the past, seeing as how much scruffier Kira seems to be than in later scenes. 

They're clearly fleeing this stormtrooper, which is apparently a new variant called a 'Range Trooper' - a mix of the regular Stormtrooper and the Scout Troopers from Endor.

We get a brief look at the trooper as they fall off the bike, with the trademark helmet design alongside some modifications. There isn't that much armour here, especially on the lower half, which indicates that these guys aren't really meant for combat. I'm assuming that means they're more about policing areas that aren't quite as hostile as planets we've seen so far like Lothal and Jedha.

Han's narration claims that he was kicked out of the Flight Academy for having a mind of his own, specifically this is the Imperial academy we see him signing up for in yesterday's teaser. That's one part of his backstory coming over from the old EU, which saw Han join the academy only to be expelled when he stopped some officers from abusing a wookiee slave. Which is how he met Chewbacca.

There's no indication of which planet all this is set on, but my guess is that part of it has to be set on Han's home planet of Corellia. Presumably the urban areas before were Corellia, given Han's affinity with the planet. I'm guessing these scenes with the snow and mountains are as well, given the fact they appear before Han's adventure seems to begin.

It wouldn't be the first time Corellia has been associated with snow, since the planet's appearance in The Force Unleashed videogame also happens to be the snow level.

Here's Han in the snow in the same mountains, with some form of fur coat. I really hope it's not made of wookiee. The V/O continues to say that he's going to be a pilot.

And here we have an incredible shot of the inside of the Millennium Falcon, looking shiny and basically new. Considering the Falcon was also built on Corellia, it makes sense that Han wouldn't leave without being in it.

"The best in the galaxy"

Star Wars characters do have a lot of ego when it comes to being the best pilot in the galaxy. Han, Anakin, Poe, the list goes on.

Quite a dark exterior shot of the falcon, with its iconic, albeit oddly placed, cockpit.

I can't quite tell if this is snow or sand, but I;m guessing sand given the close proximity to the sea.

"Hey kid"

"I'm putting together a crew"

This is Woody Harrelson as Beckett, a criminal and Han's mentor throughout the film.

Her'es another shot of Kira exiting the falcon, which is much whiter than we've seen in past films - in line with the Lego leaks from last month. She's also a lot fancier, which means she's either of some importance or (perhaps more likely) it's a ruse for whatever crime the crew is working on.

Here's a look of Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian himself, the one time fan casting actually seems to have worked.

I'm assuming this is Thandie Newton playing a still-unnamed character.

No idea who this is, but considering it's a small alien I would bet money on him being played by Warwick Davis - whose role has still yet to be confirmed.


He says yes. Looks like Han and Chewie are going on an adventure.

Here's that droid we saw with Kira earlier, functioning as Lando's co-pilot. There is zero information on him at the moment, but seeing as droids are some of Star Wars' best characters we should end up seeing a lot more.

If I were to speculate, I'd say there is a reasonable chance this droid is voiced by Ron Howard's brother Clint. He has a role of some sort, and while it might be reduced to a cameo the faceless droid might have made it easier to cast him given the film's somewhat turbulent production.

The standard "punch it" moment, but note that Lando is the one flying the ship. It was, after all, his before Han swindled him out of it.

A bar scene somewhere, presumably on the job given how nice it is. This is no Mos Eisley cantina.

A close-up of the singer, who I'm sure is totally relevant to the plot and not just in the trailer because of the shot's visual appeal.

Same bar again, and we see Kira similarly glammed up, but in a different outfit than before. Further adding evidence to the theory that she's adopting these looks depending on what the job needs her to do.

Down on that beach again, with an obscured shot of Han's iconic blaster - going up against an unidentified group.

They seem to be a mix of humanoids and aliens, with a distinct tribal look about them. Who wants to guess that han swindled them somehow? It's what he's best at.

A close-up of the leader. Anyone getting a bit of a Mandalorian vibe from the helmet?

There's no clue who this mysterious figure is, but they're kicking ass with that rifle.

Another shot of Nameless Droid

Another shot of some mountains, but it's not clear where this is. It could be Kessel, the infamous spice mine of 'Kessel Run' fame. We know it's going to be in the film at some point.

Kira again, with an ongoing voiceover claiming that she's the only person who knows what Han really is. Indicating that the two share a past before this film takes place.

This looks to be the interior shot of whatever aircraft we saw before, flying by the mountains, and the struggle in Han's face kind of suggests that it's doing something it's not supposed to.

This appears to why, with that big explosion causing Han to flee. There's no doubt that he, or his comrades, have caused it somehow. This is why I think this scene takes place on Kessel. In the old EU the planet is notorious for its spice mines that are usually worked by slave labour. Kessel is best known for the glitterstim spice, which is an addictive drug. That makes it highly sought after, and combined with the dangerous conditions in the mines it's obvious that the operators (sometimes the Empire) don't want people leaving. Hence the big distraction.

"What's that?"

A scruffy-looking nerf herder from the looks of things.

Here is a brief shot of the new Millennium Falcon, which is also the old Millennium Falcon. We'll see more later, but here is a nice shot of it fleeing a Star Destroyer in some sort of cloud.

The Lego set claimed this was the Kessel Run Falcon, which makes me think this is the eponymous run we've been hearing about for the past 40 years. In addition to the mines, Kessel is notorious for being surrounded by clusters of black holes known as The Maw. The route was naturally hazardous and meant most ships only travelled along pre-planned routes. The idea of the Falcon doing it in 12 parsecs was previously explained as it having a much better navicomputer that allowed it to safely travel closer to the black holes and thus cutting down the distance required to travel.

My speculation here is that this cloud is the Maw itself, some dangerous interstellar anomaly of some kind. My prediction is that completing the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs is not out of choice, but the only way the ship can escape the imperial forces.

There in the middle is a band new, and still unnamed TIE fighter. What it does isn't entirely clear, but perhaps it has something to do with helping the others safely navigate the Maw. Or that thing on the starboard side is some sort of new weapon we havn't seen before.

The closest variant I know of is the TIE bomber, but that's much larger on the starboard side. We'll just have to wait and see what this one can do.

Chewie isn't happy, and Lando looks ready to scream in terror. This is also the first time we see Han and Chewie flying the falcon on this trailer. Something they'll do many times in the years to come.

Han's concentrating, clearly this isn't a very pleasant area of space.

Here's a much better look at the Falcon from the underside, and note that TIE fighter is crashing into something.

And here's a look at the top side, note that the middle section is filled in (compared to what we saw in the later films), the cannon is smaller, and the shield dish is slightly different.

"I thought we were in trouble there for a second, but it's fine. We're fine."

Evoking similarities to the detention level scene on the Death Star, albeit not an exact quote.

They are not fine

They're really not fine.

Note all the main cast are here. Beckett, Chewie, Lando, Kira, Han, but the droid is missing.

Star Wars definitely loves its space monsters, and this one is huge.

It seems to be some sort of tentacle monster that can create electricity between the weird-looking tendrils on each tentacle. Maybe that's why the Maw is so dangerous? Or is it just one of the reasons?

And finally here is a shot of the falcon from the top again. Is it me, or is the shield dish missing?

There's not a whole lot we can gleam from the story here, but it's clear that Han and co are on the wrong side of the Empire for one reason or another. We don't know what the job is or how they end up where they do, but it does look as though the film won't be short of action, space battles. and all the things we love about Star Wars.

Solo: A Star Wars Story hits UK cinemas on 24th May.

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