Sony's Teasing a Brand New Phone Launch for MWC

By Tom Pritchard on at

Poor Sony. It hasn't really had that much attention as a phone maker the last few years, not since it became the first (and seemingly only) company to release a phone with a 4K display. But despite the Xperia Z5 being a distant memory, Sony hasn't given up and from the looks of things it won't be giving up anytime soon. Something new is arriving at MWC, and there's a teaser to try and drum up some hype.

It's not all that enlightening really, but I've seen some speculating that it's actually for some sort of curved display, which might make some sort of sense. Samsung's seemingly had great success with the curved Edge displays, though it's debatable as to whether that feature is why people buy Samsung devices. A new leak (via Pocket Lint) purportedly featuring images for the Xperia XZ2 Compact shows off a phone with a curved back, so maybe that's it? The design of the leak certainly matches up with the imagery in the teaser.

It's not a curved screen, though, and most phone companies started opting for flat-backed phones about seven or eight years ago, so that feels a bit like a step backwards. Flat phones are always going to be more stable when you put them down in a flat surface, like a table or desk, after all. But maybe Sony can spin it somehow, who knows.

We'll likely find out for sure next Monday, during Sony's MWC press conference. If you're into waking up early and seeing what's on offer, Sony's chosen to have it at 7.30 am GMT (8.30 am CET). Seeing as how a bunch of devices were announced at CES, it leaves things pretty open for a ultra premium model. Here's hoping it's something interesting.

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