Super Slo-Mo Footage Reveals the Shockwaves When Sumo Wrestlers Collide

By Andrew Liszewski on at

When the Slow Mo Guys’ point their high-speed cameras at a pair of massive sumo wrestlers with a combined weight of over 1,000-pounds, you can actually see the shockwaves rippling through their bodies as the two near-immovable competitors collide in the ring.

Despite not flying through the air and landing over-the-top attacks like you see in the WWE, these authentic clashes between athletes are even more astonishing. It’s like watching two cars collide in a head-on crash test, but the cars are able to throw each other around like rag dolls afterwards, instead of disintegrating. At 1,000 FPS, the results of the collision are even more terrifying, as you can clearly see how each wrestler’s body is reacting to the tremendous forces being applied. [YouTube]

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