Teacher Hates His Spoilt Posh Rich Kids

By Gary Cutlack on at

The headteacher of a £30k-a-year boarding home for the offspring of the elite doesn't seem to enjoy teaching them very much, as he's branded his students a bunch of lazy, entitled wannabes who lack the determination to do anything more with their lives than sit back and watch the likes roll in.

That's a sort of summary of the opinions of Gresham's head Douglas Robb, who got it all out of his system in a cathartic blog post, seeing as you're not allowed to hit them with sticks or your penis to get rid of your frustrations these days.

Robb said of the modern youth: "Among this generation there is an underlying sense of entitlement. I don’t blame them. They have been advertised to since birth; they have had credit and loans on a plate; they have been overly molly-coddled; and they have been overwhelmed by a strange combination of fictional sitcom characters, reality TV and social media stars, who paint a picture of perfection to be achieved."

These kids all think they deserve to have better things than previous generations, he reckons, claiming the youth now looks down on solid professions in retail, farming, the emergency services and catering, because they all think they're going to grow up to be Instagram influencers. Although to be fair, the kids of rock stars and supermodels at £30k private schools do have a better chance of achieving that than most. [Greshams via Independent]