The BBC Appeases Flat-Earthers and Scotland With New Weather Map

By Gary Cutlack on at

12 years ago there was a little scandal about the BBC's weather map. The redesign of the day introduced the tilted, zooming viewpoint we still see today, leaving viewers in the north and Scotland furious that the evils of perspective appeared to make their bit of the country smaller. Although it was only further away.

Another almighty map scandal is to kick off at lunchtime today, as the BBC's changing it all back -- the flat map returns. This will annoy people who think the world is round, as well as anyone who finds themselves generally against any form of change in their lives, whether it be chocolate recipes, ticket colours, bank notes or underwear.

The BBC says the updated weather map -- using data from new provider MeteoGroup instead of the Met Office -- is offering viewers a "more contemporary design," although if it's attempted any sort of change to the classic cloud icons and raindrop shapes there will be more than the usual number of death threats sent in by weirdos to the forecasters. The map you can fiddle with. The cloud shapes are sacrosanct, as much a part of British culture as fish & chips, cold beaches and polite queues.

The new weather map appears for the first time today, during the BBC lunchtime news. And despite Brexit, they're still illustrating the top of France. [BBC]

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