The Government Confirms Support for Opt-Out Organ Donation Bill

By Tom Pritchard on at

Today is a big day for the topic of organ donation in England, because a debate took place in the House of Commons regarding the topic of an opt-out system - also known as 'presumed consent'. The debate ended in good news, because the government has confirmed it will support a bill designed to introduce such a system.

The Private Member's Bill was introduced by Labour backbencher Geoffrey Robinson, and while it hasn't been voted into law just yet support from the government means it's highly likely that it will in the future. That would bring England in line with Wales, which made organ donation opt-out back in 2015. Scotland announced that it would be doing the same last June, but so far it doesn't appear to have been written into law.

There are currently 25 million people on the organ donation register, but with 6,500 people still waiting for a transplant it's hoped that changes in the law would save 500 lives a year. The government has already launched a consultation on opt-out organ donation, but it looks like things are moving ahead regardless.

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