The Kessel Run Millennium Falcon Lego Set is Now Official

By Tom Pritchard on at

Yesterday we brought you news that Lego had officially announced the first wave of sets tying into Avengers: Infinity War, but while we were busy doing other things it went and confirmed the newest version of the Millennium Falcon - which is to be featured in the upcoming film Solo: A Star Wars Story.

We've already seen the Kessel Run Millennium Falcon, as it's called, in the first trailer for the film, plus some pixelated shots that leaked out last month. Now everything is official and high resolution, meaning we can ponder over the brand new ship for ourselves.

The set is 1,414 pieces and costs $170 (UK price TBA), and comes bundled with minifigures of Han, Lando, Qi-'ra, a 'Kessel droid', and a version of Chewbacca that looks more like some sort of troll than any of the figures we've seen in the past. Apparently there are two other minifigures included in the box, but those haven't been revealed yet: presumably because there's some sort of spoiler involved. Something more spoilerific than the confirmation the film will feature the infamous Kessel Run, that is.

As we can see in the images, this version of the ship is white and pristine, which would explain Lando's horror at the state it's in when Han brings it to Cloud City in Empire. It also has those little features that make it stand apart, like the flatter sensor dish, single turret cannons (one on top, one below), and the arrow-shaped nose that 'fills in' the Falcon's iconic mandibles.

Yesterday also saw the announcement of some of the first Solo toys not made by Lego, direct from the New York Toy Fair (via EW). That gives us an even better look at the ship in question:

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