The Latest Samsung Galaxy S9 Leak has an Augmented Reality Twist

By Tom Pritchard on at

Just when you though the leaks had told us everything we really needed to know about the Samsung Galaxy S9, some cleverclogs manages to take apart the official Unpacked 2018 event app and discovered there was something hiding away inside. It was a demo that let people take a peak at the upcoming phone in augmented reality.

The Unpacked 2018 app is designed to help people stay on top of the event, with things like confirming attendance and staying on top of the latest news and information Samsung releases. Clearly Samsung was also hoping to use it as a launch gimmick, letting everyone with he app view 3D renders of the phone in AR. That means Reddit users thesbros was able to extract the phone's renders from the app.

The post has since been removed, but not before the denizens of the internet managed to save everything.

Image via XDA Developers

The models themselves weren't actually inside the app, so the modifications made ended up having to download them from Samsung itself using a proxy. While they don't show off a lot we don't already know, especially thanks to 3D renders that hit the net earlier this week, but a few things are confirmed. First up are the four colours (purple, black, grey, and blue), the continued inclusion of the headphone jack, the continued support for the dedicated Bixby button, and the new camera/fingerprint scanner arrangement.

There also happens to be a split in the bottom speaker grill, which is supposed to have something to do with the device's AKG tuning. I'm not sure how that will work, but no doubt Samsung will dedicate a chunk of its announcement event to explaining exactly why it was a necessary design choice.

The AR gimmick might not reveal much new information, but it does make me wonder whether this means Samsung will have some sort of dedicated AR functionality within the Galaxy S9 itself. After all both Apple and Google have made investments into AR tech recently, and it wouldn't be surprising if Samsung followed suit. We haven't heard anything from leaks, but there have to be some surprises left over for the company to unveil. Let's hope something interesting and AR-related is one of them.

You can see more of those images over at XDA Developers, with more information set to arrive during the Galaxy Unpacked event this Sunday (25th) starting at 4pm GMT. [XDA Developers via Slashgear]

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