The Next Version of Kodi Will Come with Google Assistant Built In

By Tom Pritchard on at

Virtual assistants are everywhere these days, and your TV is no exception. TVs have been bundled with Amazon's Alexa since last year, but soon you'll be able to use Google Assistant courtesy of Kodi.

Alright so you won't be able to use Google Assistant to control the TV itself, like you can with the Alexa TVs I mentioned before, but it does bring Google's voice controls to the Kodi platform on Android TV. It's one step towards being able to pull all your media and apps into one place while leaving the remote down the back of the sofa.

Google Assistant will officially be part of Kodi 18, better known as Leia, which is also rumoured to include support for video game emulation.

Integration with Google Assistant means Kodi mean users should be able to use the typical "Hey Google" commands to watch content in their media library, as well as pulling Kodi results into Android TV's own voice search - cross-referencing it with the likes of Google Play, YouTube, and Netflix.

There's no word on when a stable version of Kodi 18 will be released, but the alpha is available to download and install from the Kodi downloads page. Be warned, though, this is an alpha and chances are a lot of things won't be running smoothly. [TechRadar]

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