The Samsung Galaxy S9 Could be the Last Phone in the Galaxy S Range

By Tom Pritchard on at

It's been nearly eight years since Samsung released the original Galaxy S smartphone, and we're in the run up to the launch of its eight successor - expected to be announced on 25th February at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. But it rumours are to be believed, it could be the last phone to in the Galaxy S range.

According to "industry researchers and analysts" speaking with Tekz24, next year's phone will not likely be called the Galaxy S10. Instead Samsung is expected to name its flagship phone the Galaxy X, as part of a simplified naming system that also signifies this as the tenth in its line. It's not the tenth flagship smartphone Samsung's made, and it's far from the tenth phone overall, but it is effectively the tenth in its lineage and a direct successor to the upcoming Galaxy S9.

It certainly hasĀ nothing to do with the fact Apple adopted the X for its 10th anniversary iPhone. Just kidding. Tekz24 speculates that might also be a reason, and wouldn't be the first time Samsung mimicked Apple in some shape or form. They are the two biggest names in the smartphone industry, after all.

There are some problems here, though. The first is that sources claim Samsung will keep the Galaxy X fr every flagship, differentiating them by year. That's not exactly simplify the process, since the model number is how people tend to identify their phones. Plus using the final two digits of the year (eg X20, or X21) wouldn't help matters.

The other issue with this story is thatĀ previous rumours pinned the Galaxy X as the name of Samsung's upcoming foldable phone, though details on that particular device have always been a little sketchy. Sources claim, however, that the folding Galaxy X would be the top tier variant of this particular phone range. That said, the folding phone is widely expected to arrive this year, whereas the successor to the S9 isn't likely to arrive for at least 12 months.

Plus, it's going to be different to anything Samsung has ever produced so it would make sense that the company would want to firmly keep it as its own thing and not dilute the attention it gets.

Samsung may ditch the Galaxy S moniker at some point, but as countless other companies have shown there's nothing wrong with a three digit model name. S10, S11, S12, it doesn't matter. In the end, the name is negligible part of what makes a phone, and at least now the Galaxy S range has seven and a half years or brand recognition to fall back on. [Tekz24 via TechRadar]

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