Thorpe Park's Walking Dead-Themed Year Needs Zombies, Auditions to be Held on Top of a Rollercoaster

By Tom Pritchard on at

Despite the fact I stopped watching The Walking Dead  four years ago, the series trundles on. Proving that nobody actually cares about my opinion when it comes to American TV. It's such a big deal that even Thorpe Park is tying in with the show, with a series of zombie-themed events throughout 2018.

But before it can get those going it needs actors to play zombies, and to prove they have what it takes to scare guests those actors will have to audition on top of a rollercoaster - 127 feet (38.7 metres) above the ground.

The idea is that would-be zombies should have the 'scare factor' to be able to scare park guests no matter the environment, coping with screams from the guests and being able to stay in character regardless of the environment. Responsibilities for the job include being able to interact with members of the public, the ability to become 'zombie like' at a moment's notice, and being able to cope well with the amount of noise guests will make - screams included.

Walking Dead-themed events throughout the year include:

  • The Walking Dead Living Nightmare Extreme (the live action maze with a zombie-theme), 25th May - 3rd June)
  • Late summer opening (until 10pm Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays), 26th July - 1st September
  • Zombie Hunt, an 'extreme battle for survival' in woodland on the outskirts of the park, 21st July - 3rd September
  • The return of Fright Nights for Halloween, with a Walking Dead theme, 5th October - 31st October.

More details about the events will be announced nearer to the time, but in the meantime anyone wanting to try their luck and pull off their best zombie acting can apply to be a 'scare actor' by emailing

There's no word on what the pay is like, or what perks there are, though, so make sure to ask before you sign anything.

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