Toblerone Wants to Make Friends Again so Here's an Ice Cream

By Gary Cutlack on at

Toblerone has an idea that might make people like it again, and to be fair it is quite a good one. It's a Toblerone ice cream made in the shape of one of the triangles it controversially cut from the recently savaged chocolate bar. It's ideally shaped to be gently worked in.

The structure is built around a core containing chocolate and honey ice cream, stiffened by a rigid chocolate shell that someone -- or perhaps even a machine -- has sprayed with small chunks of nougat to give it that swirly, gooey, partially crunchy back-of-the-mouth heaven feeling that persists even when you're eating the third one in a row from a multipack and the voices in your head are saying that maybe a banana would've been a better option.

They are apparently on sale now in supermarkets in packs of three for £3, although if that's too much of a risky investment in these difficult times there should be individual ones in newsagents for £1.80. [The Sun]