Top Gear Accidentally Ruined a 50-Year-Old French Car With 540 Eggs

By Tom Pritchard on at

Top Gear has a bit of a history of stunts going wrong, like when Richard Hammond crashed and nearly died, or when it was presented by Chris Evans. Another cock up happened again recently, with a stunt that involved a 50-year old French Citroen 2CV and 540 broken eggs.

The stunt was part of the filming for the upcoming series, with Chris Harris heading over to the land of cheese and baguettes to learn more about the history of his favourite car: the Citroen 2CV. He was joined by Matt LeBlanc who, in typical Top Gear style, wanted to push the car to its limits in a stunt that involved a herd of sheep and 450 eggs. Can you see where this is going?

The exact details of what the stunt involved haven't been revealed, but we do know that it ended with all 540 eggs breaking and drenching the 50-year-old car's upholstery with their innards. If you've ever had a single egg break inside your car you know that the smell is far from pleasant, and amplifying it by 540 sounds like the kind of thing that would be enough to make even the hardiest sewer worker bring their lunch back up.

Apparently it took six people two whole hours to clean out the inside of the car, but the smell was lingering long after that. I've no idea how long, but I certainly wouldn't like to be around to find out. Hopefully the owner isn't too upset.

It'll be interesting to see how much of this segment actually makes it to air, but considering plenty of blunders have made their way onto our screens over the years (all for the sake of comedy, of course) I wouldn't be surprised if we got to see it in its entirety. No doubt it will then be followed by a couple of Mary Whitehouse-wannabes complaining to Ofcom about how the presenters were frivolously wasting all that food and not helping to clean up the mess they caused, which results in a miniature scandal in the tabloid press.

Or in other words, business as usual.

Top Gear returns to BBC 2 next Sunday (25th February) at 8pm with a new series that will also include the team pretending to ruin an episode of Countryfile. That's not long after Samsung announced the Galaxy S9 either, so clearly next Sunday is going to be a very big day. [Metro]

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