UK Vaguely Wobbled by Mild Earthquake Horror as Weak Tremor Jingles Tea Cups in Cumbria

By Gary Cutlack on at

The small talk in Cumbria today is going to be about something other than the weather, believe it or not. The lucky residents get to remark upon the happening on an earthquake for once, after a 3.2 magnitude tremor hit the county.

The British Geological Survey confirmed that the not particularly devastating quake hit -- if that's not too strong a word -- at 7:30am this morning, meaning we get to combine the words "epicentre" with the town name of Mosser, and also forever associate this page in the Google search results index for people looking for earthquakes happening in Kendal, Whitehaven and Cockermouth.

Amazed local people sought comfort on the internet with reports of being rocked around in their beds and feeling their houses wobble for around 20 seconds, with the BGS taking the opportunity to publish a lovely map showing all of the puny earthquakes that have struck the region since the 1970s. No deaths have been reported yet, meaning the UK remains free from earthquake deaths since 1940. [Sky News]

Image credit: Cockermouth

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