Virgin Mobile is Launching an Unlimited Data Plan With Zero Limits, Even for Tethering

By Tom Pritchard on at

If you want an unlimited mobile data package in this country, your options are pretty limited. Until today the only network to offer that was Three, though it put had to put strict limits on tethering to stop people abusing the system. Now there's a second option from Virgin, and has promised there are absolutely no limits. No fair use policy on data, no speed throttling, and no limits on your tethering.

For £25 a month Virgin Truly Unlimited will net you unlimited calls, texts, data, and tethering. No limits, and with all customers getting their download speeds boosted to 50Mbps to boot. For comparison's sake, Three charges £30 a month for unlimited everything and caps the tethering data at 30GB.

It sounds too good to be true, right? Well there is a catch, in that you have to be an existing Virgin broadband customer to be eligible. That's probably to stop you trying to use that unlimited tethering allowance in lieu of regular broadband. It also means you probably won't be able to ring up customer services and try to barter for a better overall deal.

While it might be irritating for some, it's a catch that makes sense. Other networks stopped offering unlimited data and tethering because people were abusing the system and using more data than the infrastructure could handle. So by ensuring all Truly Unlimited customers don't do that, they have to be paying for broadband already. Why would you clog up the mobile airwaves if you have fibre that's probably a lot more stable?

Truly Unlimited is also only available for £25 a month on a 12 month SIM only contract, but Virgin has revealed it will be available on handsets deals for unspecified prices. How much it'll be will likely depend on which phone you get, I suppose. The network uses EE's infrastructure, so you can enjoy the more widespread signal offering, and you can sign up by contacting customer service or going into your nearest Virgin Media store.

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