Watch Ryan Coogler Break Down Black Panther's Stunning Casino Fight

By Julie Muncy on at

Amongst its other virtues, it’s impressive how cleanly and beautifully shot Black Panther’s fight scenes are. In a new video, director Ryan Coogler breaks down the work that went into one of the film’s best.

In this “Notes on a Scene” video from Vanity Fair, Coogler annotates the fight that takes place between the Wakandans and Klaue’s goons in the casino. His commentary covers a brief moment in time—maybe thirty seconds worth of footage—but he draws a massive amount of rich detail out of every shot, explaining colour choices, how thematic relationships are illustrated in the fight choreography, and the challenges associated with getting compelling, dynamic takes.

In a fast-moving action movie, it can be hard to see all the thought and effort that goes into every kinetic moment. But Coogler has a real knack for breaking it down in a fun, fascinating way. Take a look below.